Life is hard. Home buying or selling shouldn't be.

Our Timber & Stone agents can help you find the perfect real estate listing, and are ready to offer guidance and support in your search.


Core Values

We believe there are three pillars to a successful client relationship: Freedom, Trust and Fun. Yes, Fun! Life would be pretty empty without fun. Right? Our agents are ready to dish out a lot of knowledge, wisdom and good-hearted experience to assist you with your real estate interests. For us, the work is fun and the end result for our clients is satisfaction.
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    Our clients are busy people, working hard to provide for themselves and their family. Buying or selling a house shouldn't feel like a second job, nor should it feel restrictive. We take the burden off of the client by being active and involved every step of the process.

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    Building client trust is paramount to the process. In an industry riddled with smoke and mirrors, we're straight-shooters. We proactively communicate with our clients to ensure honesty and understanding throughout the journey, facilitating curiosity, authenticity and engagement.

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    This is a huge moment in a person's life. Whether buying or selling it's an experience that should be remembered as exciting, easy and overall, positive from beginning to end. We love people and fun. We look to provide joy an an easy-going attitude in our professional relationships.